9th International Swimming Pond Congress

The 9th International Swimming Pond Congress 2017 takes place on 15 and 16 November 2017 in Leeuwarden under the motto “On the Waterfront”.
The International Organization for Natural Bathing Water (IOB) would like to thank its Dutch member, the Nederlands Plattform voor Natuurlijk Zwemwater, for hosting the 9th edition of the Congress.

Leeuwarden is the capital of the province of Frysland in the north of the Netherlands and is one of the most important places in the country and Europe regarding the subject of water, as the so-called Watercampus is home to a teaching and research centre of international importance.

The WTC Kongress-Hotel Leeuwarden offers an excellent venue for the 9th International Swimming Pool Congress. This is a conference hotel, which means that the entire event takes place under one roof. Participants who book the congress and rooms, therefore, live entirely in the congress hotel.

There are also more hotels and accommodation in Leeuwarden.

If you register for the congress up to 31st of March, you can book a bus tour (on 14.11.2017 from Schiphol to Leeuwarden or on 13./14.11.2017 from Bremen to Leeuwarden) free of charge. On the way to the congress location, numerous private and public swimming pools can be visited and discussed amongst the group.

Congress participation is available from 350 euros. When booking, please note that the booking for congress participation including congress hotel also includes the booking of the congress dinner on 15.11.2017 in the congress hotel.
Bookings are only possible on the homepage of the congress:

As always, the program is packed with internationally renowned experts. Speakers from the Netherlands, all three German-speaking countries, Poland, France and Belgium have already been confirmed.

Highlights include the presentation of the brand new “Guidelines for Planning, Construction and Maintenance of Private Swimming Pools and Bathing Ponds” in Germany, lectures on topics such as sulphates in the water, combined fast and slow filters, mussels and snails in the swimming pond and presented for the first time: very pleasing results to “viruses, cryptosporidia and giardia”.

The program is also available on the homepage of the congress:

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